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Managed Investment Accounts

Personal Trust & Investment Clients
Due to the sale of Alaska USA Trust Company to Alaska Trust Company, the company name has changed from Alaska USA Trust Company to ATC Trust Company.

A new trust company servicing only institutional clients will utilize the name Alaska USA Trust Company beginning July 1, 2014 and will continue to offer services to ATC Trust Company clients through July 31, 2014.

The planned effective date of the sale is July 31, 2014. After midnight on July 31, 2014, Trust Reporter access will no longer be available to ATC Trust Company clients.

Working with the experts at Alaska USA Trust Company, individuals can chart a course for their financial future. A trust company officer guides each individual through the process of creating a customized investment portfolio and identifying the appropriate investment strategy. Alaska USA Trust Company then monitors, reassesses, and adjusts the portfolio on a continual basis in line with the specified objectives.

Managed Investment Accounts include:

  • Assisting clients in defining their investment objectives.
  • Developing a mix of investments to suit those objectives.
  • Applying sound strategies to achieve consistent returns.
  • Informing our clients of their investments' progress through regular communication.
  • Providing custody of assets.
  • Furnishing comprehensive, accurate, and timely account statements.

To determine proper asset allocation we consider:

  • Long-term objective
  • Risk tolerance
  • Personal circumstances
  • Current and future income requirements
  • Growth of principal requirement
  • Investment time horizon
  • Need for liquidity
  • Tax status

Managed investment services include:

  • Free online account access with TrustReporter
  • Safekeeping of investments
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring
  • Income collection
  • Bill payment and disbursement
  • Quarterly statements
  • Performance reviews
  • Required tax accounting

Alaska USA's trust company officers are non-commissioned, dedicated to allocating your assets with expertise and care, and there are no transaction fees.

To open an account contact Alaska USA Trust Company