Unique Advantages

Account Management

Quality service begins with quality staff. Every institutional client is supported by an account management team that consists of a senior administrative officer, an operations representative, and support staff. This team approach assures attentive day-to-day support and proactive management, enabling quick execution of transactions or changes. These experienced professionals support a wide variety of institutional clients, including financial institutions, public units, corporations, and other organizations.

Alaska USA Trust Company also offers:

  • The ability to change your investment portfolio as often as you choose.
  • The ability to hold a wide array of investments in your portfolio.
  • Easy-to-read, comprehensive account statements.
  • Internet access to account information.
  • Automatic cash management of dividends and interest earnings.

State-of-the-Art Systems

Alaska USA Trust Company maintains advanced systems and systems expertise which are critical to the prompt and precise execution of transactions, maintenance of data, and delivery of reporting. Our state-of-the-art systems provide real-time administration and online client access, giving institutional clients the advantage they need to efficiently and affordably maintain their investment portfolios. We constantly strive to find innovative technologies and processes to ensure clients receive the highest quality service.

In addition, Alaska USA Trust Company leverages the substantial resources of the Alaska USA Information Systems Department, drawing on extensive experience in business analysis, systems and programming, network engineering, technical support, and electronic services.

Account access is available through TrustReporter, which features:

  • Free, 24/7 online account access.
  • Portfolio summaries, account holdings and market values, as well as transaction information.
  • Security, ease of use, and timely updates for the efficient management of investments.
  • Downloadable information in various file formats including Excel, Word, and ASCII for streamlined reporting and operational efficiencies.
  • Electronic statements on a monthly basis three business days after the end of the reporting period.

Security & Reliability

Assuring the highest level of security is paramount to Alaska USA Trust Company’s ability to serve for the long term. As a subsidiary of one of the most experienced financial institutions in the online delivery of financial services, Alaska USA Trust Company has the expertise and technology to protect your valuable data and secure your transactions.

  • Transaction security is aided by our direct-access settlements and by multiple safeguards built into online systems.
  • Online reports are password protected and secured by the latest developments in reliable technology.
  • Disaster recovery is assured through the use of redundant systems and multiple-site data storage. Even in the event of a catastrophic front-end failure, secondary servers can be up and running in as little as ten minutes.


Alaska USA Trust Company has established significant economies of scale, providing custody services for our parent institution and over 200 other clients. These economies of scale, in addition to our direct depository network, allow Alaska USA Trust Company to offer real savings on fees and to offer many “extras” at no additional charge.

  • Fees are 30-40% less than typical custody services.
  • No per-account charges.

Alaska USA Trust Company’s strategy of partnering with organizations with similar portfolios pays off for everyone – expertise is focused and efficiencies equal cost savings. Alaska USA Trust Company is the most economical full-service provider in the market today.