Custody / Safekeeping

As a custodian, Alaska USA Trust Company does more than safeguard clients’ assets. We are meticulous and conscientious in every regard. Through a custody account we provide the following services:

Trade Settlement

Trade settlement and safekeeping is facilitated directly through the Federal Reserve, the Depository Trust Company (DTC), and through a correspondent network for foreign securities. There are no restrictions regarding securities held in safekeeping that are book-entry eligible through the various depositories.

Income Collection

As custodian, we arrange for the collection of redemptions as well as interest and dividend payments. The income collection process is highly automated, greatly facilitating cash management. We assume responsibility for the processing and collection of all income claims on behalf of clients.

Securities Pricing

Securities are priced via a direct pricing interface with FT Interactive Data Corporation (IDC). This allows for monitoring of global securities information for over 3.5 million securities, including more than 2.5 million active fixed income issues.

Corporate Actions

Clients are immediately notified of all capital change activity such as mergers, tenders, stock distributions, splits, subscription rights, proxies, conversions, and redemptions. Because of the importance of timely action in securities markets, we have established a multi-level advisory, response, and follow-up process. This includes documentation, email notification, phone calls, response deadlines, and triggered follow-up.